The Best Source Of Penny Stock News Is From The Government

There’s a little known governmental agency that operates out of the United States called the Securities and Exchange Commission. Other countries have agencies that are similar in nature that govern their respective securities markets. Given that some of the largest penny stock exchanges in the world are based in the United States, we’re going to focus on the SEC and the role it plays as being the best source for penny stock news.

What you need to keep in mind is that not all penny stocks are created equal. There are many companies who are not formally required to file quarterly financial statements with the SEC or any other governmental agency. Sure, they might have to file something every year, but it’s a minimal amount of documentation that’s not really going to provide an investor with the kind of insight that is needed to make intelligent investment decisions.

The reason why the government is basically the best source for penny stock news is because amongst the companies that ARE requires to file quarterly statements, you will find a treasure trove of valuable information that’s not otherwise announced or publicized. In other words, companies that regularly report their financial statements to the government are providing you with an indispensable amount of information that you absolutely need to take into consideration before making an investment decision. Since it can sometimes be hard to find a company’s website and to locate any links that might point to their financial statements, it’s always better to go straight to the government websites where all this information is compiled and presented at no cost to any investor who bothers to look.

So what can you do with this centralized source of information? One of the best things you can do is double check a company whose stock is being touted. I’ve long said that you always want to start by seeing what companies are being pumped up on the Internet or touted in newsletters. Those are the penny stocks that have a lot of attention being focused on them. Your next step is always to seek penny stock news that’s relevant to the particular company from a governmental agency website like the SEC. If you do this, you’ll be ensuring that you only invest in a company with relatively good fundamentals.

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